B-Ostin 100% Synthetic Bonegraft Materials

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Synthetic Biocompatible Dental Bonegraft


HA Nano (100% Hydroxyapatite)
HT (60% Hydroxyapatite and 40% Beta Tri Calcium Phosphate)
BTCP (100% Beta Tri Calcium Phosphate)

B-OstIN is synthetic biocompatible material composed of elements that occur naturally in the bone i.e hydroxapatite (HAP). B-OstIN is made by wet chemical methods and thereafter converted into porous mass through ceramic processing routes. Similarly to the bone mineral make B-OstIn biocompatible and most Osteo conductive Materila.

B-OstIN is most osteoconductive material with helps in bone bonding withing 3 month, fastest of all ceramic constituents.
- Ca /  P ratio similar to that of human bone.
- Crystalling structure and morphology similar to natural bone.
- 60 - 70% porosity with pore size 100 - 300 um

 implant is non-immunogenic surronded by cellular infiltrate, which is predominantly fibroblastic.
- No lysis of red blood cells (RBC)
- No Cytotoxic effects on cells in contact with B-OstIN
- No tissue necrosis
- No toxic leachants post implantation of B-OstIN 

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